3. smothered green chile tempeh burritos


these burritos tho. 

this recipe is the recipe that all my meat-eater friends gush over. seriously. when i said i was making a blog, a friend of mine was like, “you gonna put those bomb-ass green burritos in there?”  

if there was a crown jewel recipe, this is it.

options for sides: calabacitas, or spanish rice.

here’s how you make it.


how to make it:

1. heat olive oil in medium sized skillet. it’s really important to make sure the oil is HOT before you put anything in, otherwise nothing gets crispy. break up the tempeh inside the package till it’s a crumbly texture. put the onions and garlic in the pan. add in the potatoes, tempeh, and green chile.

2. in a seperate sauce pan, pour the enchilada sauce in. add garlic powder and salt to taste.

3. cook the filling until the potatoes are soft, and season with mccormick’s seasoning. bring the sauce to a light simmer.

4. gas stoves are the best for crisping tortillas. just throw one right on there, and turn frequently. you wan’t to crisp it until there are little spots that are nice and brown. if you don’t have a gas stove, turn the broiler on in the oven, and put it on the oven rack for about 4 minutes. watch it so they don’t catch the apartment on fire. *i’ve never done that before...*

5. put the crisped tortilla on a plate, and put some filling in. add some cheddar shreds and roll into a burrito shape. flip the burrito over, and smother with green enchilada sauce. garnish with lettuce, tomato, and avocado. enjoy with good stories, company, and laughs.


- Burquenita