i went vegan january, 2018 — 

there was a ton of recipes online, but a lot of the recipes i grew up cooking weren’t vegan friendly. 
               this is my collection of recipes i eat every day, from my family of awesome, badass women who taught me how to cook.


she’s the ultimate cost-effective cook, filled with wisdom nuggets on how to make things go further. (like, did you know, there’s always at least spoonful of ice cream stuck underneath the lid when you open the carton.)

she’s the inventor. never afraid to try something new, her infamous combinations haven’t always been successful, but hey, at least you can say you tried nutmeg in spaghetti.

cooking for a small army? she’s got you. being able to multi-task cooking 3 sides, an entree, and a sauce, and have it on the table at the same time, that’s nothing short of a superpower.

and then there’s me. i cook my traditional recipes with a vegan twist. from comfort food to communal dishes, i hope you like cooking as much as i do.